Neha Ismail

Neha Ismail, a dedicated physiotherapist, holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Currently, she serves as a senior physiotherapist at Dr. Essa Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, specializing in musculoskeletal and neurorehabilitation, passionately caring for patients with diverse medical conditions. Alongside her clinical work, Neha finds joy in writing informative articles on medical and health topics, a passion she has nurtured for the past two years. In her articles, Neha ensures thorough research, keeping information up-to-date and accurate. Her goal is to simplify medical knowledge, making it accessible and understandable for patients.

Exclusive Content

Hordeolum (Stye): An Easy Guide to Eye Infection

Hordeolum, or stye, is a common eye infection involving upper and lower eyelids. It is an infection of the eyelid's oil glands that can...